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Buck Island is a must for every visitor, whether you snorkel the underwater trail or just enjoy the cruise.
Our charters leave daily from the Christiansted waterfront, adjacent to the Christiansted National Historic Site, on full-day and half-days trips, by motor or sail to snorkel the underwater wonderland.

All excursions include a guided tour through the underwater trail at Buck Island Reef National Monument and a visit to Buck Island's West Beach, where you can snorkel off the beach with some of the locals (stingrays, conch, starfish), enjoy your lunch and simply "LIME" (relax) on the powdery white sand.

Snorkeling gear and instruction, flotation devices and friendly staff interaction is included.


   59 King's Wharf, Christiansted
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Rated by John Lee on 12/20/13
I found the captain / owner of this establishment to be extremely rude. I was extremely sea-sick during the trip, focusing on not throwing up (though maybe I should have on his boat), and he was making fun of me. He first referred to me as a prince, then he said "maybe I'd call you a princess, I don't know you well enough". He said that presumably because I was traveling with my partner and am gay. You don't refer to a gay man as a princess. Especially a customer you don't even know. I asked him why he was giving me a hard time and this what he said (word for word) "you know what your problem is, your problem is that you prepaid. I already have your money. I can do whatever I want."

I can't believe someone in the travel/entertainment/service industry would say such a thing. They have your money so once you're trapped with them they can do whatever you want and treat you rudely? Not only rude, but act like a bigot to LGBT customers?

Well guess what? No that's not the case. Customers can come back and tell other prospective customers on their experience.

In addition, he referred to one women's question as dumb. He was berating one of his workers in front of the customers. Lastly, he made a reference saying "it's always the black guy getting eaten by sharks first" when referring to one of his workers.

Clearly the captain feels like he has no one to answer to given that he's also the owner. But believe it or not bad behavior comes back to you at some point. If this is how you treat customers, LGBT customers, etc, your boorish behavior would be suited for something else. Actually it wouldn't be suited for anything at all.

Rated by K. Lockard on 06/27/09
We would not recommend this tour. The teenage deckhand who led the snorkeling and hiking was rude. We had to stay with the group or else he would scold and yell. We had gone on a tour the day before on the Terero and it was 100 times better. On the Terero we had the freedom to explore the reef and the island on our own. There was a guide/instructor available if needed. Be forewarned: If you give your credit card number when you sign up you will be charged if you don\'t show up or if you call to cancel.

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