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East End Road, Estate Southgate

Cheeseburgers in Paradise

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It's only about 10 minutes from Christiansted, but it feels like you've dropped into someone's back-yard cookout. Do all these people really know each other, or is it the warm, relaxed atmosphere that makes the group at the next table seem like old friends? Probably, a little bit of both. The full bar serves everything from soft drinks to frozen margaritas to some of the coldest beer on the island. What to eat? Some of the largest and best burgers on the island, maybe the world! Full "pub grub" menu includes grilled chicken sandwiches, nachos, burritos, grilled fish sandwiches, and dinner specials. Live music Thursday through Sunday starting at 7 PM. Stop by for food, drink, and fun!! Moderate prices. Open 11 AM-10:30 PM seven days for lunch and dinner.

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Rated by phil percuoco on 02/26/10
Lunch was nice. We had a simple burger and fries. Close to the beach and a decent burger.

Rated by Cruzan balla on 11/04/09
Pretty good food. Nice place for a laid back meal. Watch out for centipedes.

Rated by Matt on 07/31/09
I remember moving to STX is 1994 and having none of my major belongings on island yet. I ate at Cheeseburger's almost every night. The food and atmosphere was very good. Saying that, over time the quality did drop some but still had some of its previous quality. The drop in quality from its earlier days is the reason for the 3 stars.

Rated by Bruce on 04/06/08
Good place to go if you want cheap, decent food and drink with prompt service and without dropping a lot of money. The music varies greatly in quality -- catch Steven Katz here if you can. We don't have young children anymore and sometimes the caterwauling from the children's area makes it hard to hear the music. No one does anything about it, and that's what keeps me from giving the place 4 stars.

Rated by skeeterz on 10/22/07
This place was THE best before it changed hands and turned more the beggining, it was a grill and picnic tables...that was Cheeseburgers!

Rated by Bob P. on 07/25/07
Fun place, good food, good music. A must see.

Rated by Ed S on 04/03/07
This place has really got that Island laid back feeling. Great music, great food. Edraine loves it.

Rated by Nick Zaferes on 01/26/07
Nick Zaferes - Excellent. I had a great time and the food is good.

Rated by Jerome' on 12/11/06
cold beer, great food, sand between your toes, does it get any better?

Rated by Rose & John on 08/02/06
John & Rose 8-2-06. We just spent 10 days in St. Croix, arriving back home the day before yesterday. We ate at Cheeseburger's 3 times while on the island, in fact it was our last stop before heading to the airport. Great food and friendly staff. All it needs is an ocean view!

Rated by Kelly on 07/13/06
We loved this place! Great food, my husband had the lobster special and I tried the yummy cheeseburger, and fantastic acoustic guitar. We will be back for sure! Thanks.

Rated by anonymous on 05/27/06
great place to go. ask for joe. he's the man. doesn't get any better than hanging with owner joe at the bar.

Rated by eric on 05/17/06
excellent. must have: lime in the cocnut drink

Rated by David on 04/05/06
If you want a fun, relaxed atmosphere with good food at an affordable price, look no further than Cheeseburgers. If you have kids, this place is a welcome substitute to less healthy fast food. Highly recommended, especially for families.

Rated by ANDREA on 03/02/06
It's the best cheeseburger joint in my hometown!!! VI 2 DE BONE

Rated by T.D. on 02/09/06
Food's only so-so. Cheesburgers aren't that good. Good music. Kids area, but everything is broken and old.

Rated by Danny Lewis on 09/22/05
By far the best atmosphere on St. Croix. I can't wait to go back and eat there again.

Rated by Lee on 09/12/05
Its been 10 yearss since I was there and I really miss them. There are the long lost friends that I didn't know existed...The BEST atmosphere in an open relaxed restaurant.....GREAT PLACE and the FOOD is AWESOME!

I hope to return there someday =)

Rated by bill & wendy on 07/27/05
We went to this place more than once in our one week in St. Croix, which is saying a lot considering all the great seafood available.

Rated by Lisa & Michael Smith on 05/31/05
Heaven on a bun.
Paradise with cheese.
The best burger of your life on the most beautiful island you will ever see.

Rated by Allison on 05/19/05
I loved Cheesburgers in Paradise! It has been 10 years since I have been to St. Croix, but I will never forget it. I remember getting my first slice of key lime pie from there and even Key West's key lime pie isn't as good!

Rated by cindy on 03/20/05
We had cheeseburgers in paradise on our trip to St. Croix in February, and it was delightful. I had a delicious Lime in d' Coconut drink that I wish I could replicate! If we return to St. Croix (likely) we will ABSOLUTELY re-visit Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Rated by andy nichols on 03/01/05
i remember that place like it was yesterday even though it has been six years

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