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Teague Bay

Duggan's Reef

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On the East End Road, at Teague Bay, overlooking the beach and Buck Island, you'll find the renowned Duggan's Reef. Proprietor Frank Duggan first arrived in St. Croix in January, 1975 after graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amhurst. After a brief stint sailing the islands, he spent the next many years learning the restaurant business both in St. Croix and the New England area including working as a bartender at the Bull & Finch Pub in Boston, which later was made famous in the "Cheers" Television show. In May, 1983, Duggan's Reef opened. The name came from the old John Wayne movie "Donovan's Reef". Now in its 18th season, it has become an East End institution. Over the years, many celebrities, sport figures, and political leaders have dined at Duggan's Reef. Among them are actors Bill Murray, Michael J. Fox, Steven Seagal, former Connecticut Governor Lowell Wieker, and Senator Ted Kennedy as well as former President George Bush. Senator Kennedy and his family always have their first and last meal here. Former Red Sox (and current Yankees) pitcher Roger Clemens liked it enough to come back three times. It is an informal, open-to-the-breeze spot famous for its various lobster dishes, "island style" fresh fish entrees, steaks and pasta. When asked why the restaurant has been successful Frank says, "a strong knowledgeable staff with generous portions of food and drink. Over all-we like what we do and we hope it shows." It does!

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Rated by Fran on 03/06/13
Just ate there last week with friends and have to say it was the best meal of the week, and just the right place, too. From the perfect location, the food -- the guys had the lobster, but my mahi mahi surpassed it! -- the crab dancing on the deck rail, and even Frank himself (it's sad but our friends told us that the place may be on the market after all these years) telling us about his Boston college banners... and as we all left, saying 'everyone's leaving at the same time, it's like a fire drill!' it was more like dinner at a friend's than a restaurant. We hope it's still there when we go back to see our former neighbors (living now in St. C) next year!

Rated by Vince Tovey on 02/09/12
I've had the family into Frank's place on several occasions AAAA++++, Highly recommended. I've known Frank since his humble STX beginning. By the way Frank has anyone ever told you "welcome home Brother". Consider it done---Vince Tovey

Rated by Howard on 07/13/11
I own a condo on the island and always dine there once or twice while on the island. Best dinner on the island.

"Big Red One"

Rated by Douglas Powell on 06/17/11
Excellent food. Amazing location. They cook and present seafood fantastically! Can't wait to go back in a few months.

Rated by Leesa on 04/21/11
We have owned a house on the island for 11 years and Duggans food is second to none! Everyone is right about the snooty service with the exception of one. We visit 6 times a year and Frank never even looks at us! It has become a joke to my family! He sees us as tourists, and we are not. By the way, tourists' money spends the same as locals anyway. View is awesome and again the food is outstanding and in our opinion, the best on the island-and there are a LOT of great places!!! Speak to us next time Frank! :)

Rated by Charlie on 06/11/10
I enjoyed my meal at Duggan's and really enjoyed talking with Frank about fishing. It is just too bad I had the wrong person there with me, I think she chased half of the customers out. Sorry about that Frank the next time I come down I promise not to bring her and we can go fishing.

Rated by joyce candler on 08/30/09
Duggan's is one of the best restaurants on the island. Service is very good and the waiters are attentive. Would recommend it to anyone who wants a true island experience

Rated by Lynn Bible on 08/07/09
Absolutely fantastic all the time. Yes, Miss E-Zee!
Lynn Bible

Rated by Bonnie Scheeler on 03/21/09
The service was just plain aweful.The Reef will never be the same without "EZ" at the helm! Long live Bob.

Rated by Erin on 09/21/08
Our FAVORITE island restaurant! We love the relaxed pace, open air to enjoy the island breezes, and the wiskey lobster is to die for.

Such a treat to escape those impersonal, sterile, AC spots.

Can't go to STX w/out having a meal at Duggan's.

Rated by john on 07/02/08
The worst service ever! Just got back from my honeymoon and could not believe the attitude and the horrible staff. Not that great for the price. I mean if I am paying high prices I expect to be treated with respect and shown a great experience. Slow, pompous service. Lose the attitude and this could be a very good place.

Rated by Bruce on 04/06/08
The food is good but their staff come off as pompous. To get decent service here you have to dress accordingly. If you're looking for the best Crucian food at the best price on the island, GO TO HARVEY'S IN CHRISTIANSTED. You will not he disappointed.

Rated by Rupert "Brad" Bradshaw on 01/04/08
Frank has the knack for great food, excellent atmosphere and just plain easy. I am a favorite of the Irish Wiskey Lobster. Man, there is no other like it. I have been coming to Franks for over 5 years now. I haven't had an issue yet. It is the Islands Mon, just enjoy it...relax for goodness sake! See you soon Frank and fire up the Irish Wiskey my lad. Rupert Bradshaw, World Famous Hurricane Hunters, Biloxi Mississippi.

Rated by Chad on 07/26/07
Duggan's Reef is tops for lobsters. I have eaten lobster at some of the finest restaurants around the world and Duggan's knows lobster. Keep up the good work Frank!

Rated by Denise Underwood on 04/26/07
We just returned from our third trip to St Croix in a year and have hit Duggan's each time! Wonderful food that suited my husband and I and our 4 children, ages 16 - 22!! Fresh salads, great dressings, nice steaks and fresh fish!

We recently purchased a villa just up the hill from Duggan's....we'll be back again and again!!

Rated by Jess on 02/09/07
Duggans is an institution- the view is amazing, the food good, and if you are worried about quick service I suggest getting on "island time" and relaxing.

Rated by J. Stumpf on 02/02/07
Without reservations, the host was not happy to see us and not very polite. He managed to find an empty table, a real miracle since only 4 other tables were occupied. Seated in plastic chairs/ table, drink orders came in 10 min. 20 min after getting drinks and no servie, we paid our drink bill at the bar and left. It's obvious the staff is overwhelmed with 4 occupied tables.With a snooty attitude, don't enter unless a politician,celebrity, or famous. You will be treated like a second class citizen. AVOID this place if you're even looking for a mediocre dining experience ! This place is surviving on a past history when professionals were in charge of the operation. Watch out for holes in the parking lot that are big enough to swallow you car. You'll have better luck eating at the local Subway and guranteed better service!

Rated by Claude Bourdin on 11/20/06
I used to visit St. Croix in the 70's and I'm wondering if this is the same old "Reef Shack" restaurant on the wind-surfing beach. Please contact me: Claude Bourdin at

Rated by Hillary K on 10/03/06
Douggans Reef has become somewhat of a sanctuary to me and my family while on the island. The service is bright and waitors are always willing to strick up a conversation. Frank himself is always mingiling with the costomers too!

The best place to eat on the island, bar none!!!!!

Rated by Dan from Denver on 09/24/06
9/24/06: Had the filet mignon with "special sauce". Very tasty. Food presentation was impressive. Service was a bit slow, otherwise OK. I recommend they enclose an area of the place and AC it.

Dan from Denver

Rated by Joe Carnie on 08/20/06
I thought the food was wonderful although I was very disapointed that the famous bartender Ken Ray wasnt there anymore. Freddy Dunkin is an old close Friend of mine and I love to stop by and see him every chance I can.

Phila PA

Rated by Colleen Whittington on 08/18/06
My husband and I ate at Duggan's three times now. Once in July of '05 and this past July. I can't get enough of that restaurant. Their specialty, Irish Whiskey Lobster, is to die for! I found the service to be wonderful, the views are spectacular and the prices are moderate. But where in the states can you get Lobster cooked like that for $30? i don't think Duggan's is over-priced at all like some of the postings here suggested. Great place! We are going back to St. Croix in April of next year and planning on eating at Duggan's a few times!

Rated by Reggie on 08/01/06
The main attraction Duggan's has going is the location. It's open air, ocean front restaurant with a breath taking view of Buck Island.

When ever I've been there the hostess makes you feel as welcome as herpes. No matter if you have a reservation or don't have a reservation she acts like you are some unwelcome in-laws. Last night was no exception.

I asked for a table for 6. She hissed, pursed her lips, looked us over, walked off, and then very angrily led us to our seat. The fun continued with the drink orders.

No wine list was offered. She angrily took the orders and screwed them up. She made it clear that we were an annoyance.

Things picked up when the waiter came over. He was friendly and fixed the drink order.

The food there is always fresh. It does have New England a heavy sauce and bread flair.

We had a seafood stew, in a bread bowl. It was delicious.

The salads were fresh and the dressings were wonderful. My Caesar was one of the best that I have ever had. It was as good as any Caesar that you would get in San Francisco.

Mid meal the wicked witch of the west scowled at our table. She clearly wanted us to hurry up and leave. This woman is mean as a two headed snake.

Rated by Carolyn E. Patterson on 06/25/06
Ate at Duggan's Reef a couple of times back in February when we were vacationing in St.Croix.. Absolutely great... Can't wait to get back.... Carol Patterson, Wareham,MA

Rated by Andrea Fredericks on 05/18/06
I totally agree... the lobster special was out of this world. I went back in October... it is now May and I am still talking about it. Great place. Cozy.

Rated by robert wackberg on 03/28/06
love the location but the food is not good at all. When was the last time you ate juliane veggies? The staff looks like old drunks from "lost" and I have had better service from Burger King. Go to Kendricks or Sanant if you really want great food and cheaper than this water front rip off

Rated by John & Pat on 03/26/06
First time to the Island, Duggan's was recommended to us today while we sailed to Buck Island. Great food, great staff, wonderful views,. Can't wait to now being the one recommending.

Rated by kathleen becker on 02/12/06
02/10/06 Just returned from St. Croix where we dined out every night. Duggan's Reff was fabulous.The food and service were both excellent. Frank made the rounds at each table and was so personable. We'll be back next year!!Bob and Kathleen Becker

Rated by Donna Shaughnessy on 08/31/05
Had a chance to eat at Duggans last week while on vacation with my 2 teenagers; we all just loved the place.
Their lobster specials were out of this world. Service was friendly and attentive, and the setting right on the water's edge was perfect.

Donna, Aston, PA

Rated by Elissa and Steve on 08/01/05
We just got back from St. Croix and are still raving about Duggan's. By far, they serve the freshest and tastiest seafood we have ever had. Everything we had there was delicious and the staff makes the setting relaxed and comfortable, not stuffy. What a great location. We love this place!

Rated by Lisa & Michael Smith on 05/31/05
Absolutely our favorite restaurant on the island. they have the best & freshest seafood on the island, and the single best Fillet we have ever eaten! We cannot reccomend them enough, they are our favorite

Rated by Michael on 05/31/05
Best filet mignon I ever had!

Rated by Eric on 03/05/05
Can't say enough about Duggan's Reef. We have never been disapointed and it's a great place to eat, drink and watch the world go by. An added bonus is the Boston infuence. Go Red Sox and Patriots!!!

Rated by Renee on 01/23/05
Love the lobster and
view of the beach.
Excellent service

Rated by Jeffrey on 08/05/04
Ive eaten here every trip Ive made to the islands in the past 15 years. I've grown up in this restaurant! Great food, great service! Can be hot at night some times - dress cool!

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