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Hotel Location:
2 Beacon Hill Rd St. Maarten
Nightly Price Range:
$$ - Quality
Number of Rooms:
Credit Cards Accepted:
Hotel Restaurants:
Four restaurants
Popular Attractions:
Tennis complex, four pools, fitness center, bicycling, water aerobics, tropical waterfront gardens, seaside boardwalk, duty-free shopping and boutique, and secluded beach, casino
Hotel Amenities:
Tired of relaxing by any of our 4 outdoor pools? Enjoy such luxuries like our lush tropical waterfront gardens, seaside boardwalk, duty-free shopping, resort boutique and secluded beach. We have tennis courts, bicycling, water-aerobics, and a fitness center for the active person.

Caravanserai Beach Resort

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The Caravanserai Beach resort combines the allure of classic elegance, Caribbean hospitality, and superb service and embraces an intimate atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Located at waters edge on Burgeaux Bay at the pulse of the entertainment district on the Dutch side of the island, this enchanting full-service resort truly captivates the mystic beauty of St. Maarten. Following a multi-million dollar transformation, the resort celebrates its 40-year renaissance with a host of new facilities and services including the addition of a state of the art gaming facility - the Dolphin Casino and three restaurants & bars.

This intimate resort offers European Plan accommodations; ocean and garden view hotel rooms, as well as ocean view apartment-style one-bedroom suites. Each of the 75 luxuriously inviting guest rooms feature tropical motifs, fabulous views and a host of modern amenities. All guest rooms provide air-conditioning, private balcony or patio, cable television, VCR, safety deposit box, direct dial telephones, fax machine, and security card lock system. The one-bedroom suites are also equipped with full kitchen facilities.

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Rated by David M. on 12/30/11
The pool bar is open and we shared more than one laugh with Marty the bartender. The pool was extremely green but this was rectified by hiring a new pool company and by the end of our stay the water was crystal clear. There is only one umbrella at the lounge chairs and this was usually occupied. I was told the umbrellas that were there were caught up in a vortex and blew away. There are still no telephones in the room but was informed they had ninety days to install them and do the other upgrades such as hair dryers etc. as requested by RCI. The wi fi is working but you must go down to the “business centre” to use it. It is an open area where the mosquitoes seem to feast. I was told there would be internet in the rooms when the phones are installed but there will be a charge. This is totally contrary to what we were told when we purchased our units. Unfortunately, none of the original sales people are there anymore. The same furniture remains in the completed section. The couch is hard as rock, there is no full length mirror and no mirror at all in the powder room. The tiles still in the rooms and bathrooms are basic and seem to love to collect dirt. Every day my husband went in search of a broom. Why they don’t provide a broom and mop is beyond me as towels and garbage are taken care of daily but service is on Wednesday and Saturdays. The kitchen was well stocked. The only thing I can say would be great are serving bowls. (Even plastic ones would do). All appliances worked fine although the stove top was already cracked. Toilet paper, dishwasher soap and laundry soap are in short supply. You have to go the the front desk to ask for more toilet paper. I’m not quite sure what they think guests do with it (sell it on the black market perhaps?) The bar soap provided disintegrates in you hand so I suggest you bring a bar or two with you. There is no where to put your shampoo or soap other than the window sill in the shower. After the first day we realized that the soap sticks as it is painted and not tiled. When we tried to remove it we took the paint with it. A shower caddy of sorts would be nice. We lost most of the channels on our TV and then the one in the living room was fried. This happened towards the end of our trip so it wasn’t fixed before we left. Overall, the stay was much better than last November when we were told the resort was “open”. With no hot water, no dishes and bare minimum service we should have been advised and given the option of staying elsewhere.

We were “fooded” out by the time we were ready to come home. We generally had breakfast before we went out. Although we had an very earlier start one day and went to Zee Best which is not Zee Best in my opinion. My husband’s quiche looked like it came from the freezer department in the supermarket and my chicken crepe was okay. We have been going to the Island for 4 years now and we think the best breakfast place is Fashions in Maho. Quiche made from scratch and great omelettes. Although, we did stop at Zee Best on Airport Rd for croissants to go one morning as we were heading to the beach. We ate at Soprano’s in Maho and it has seem to have lost something. The pizza was greasy and my husband’s pasta was not very good. We also tried Moulin Fou twice. Fantastic Wahoo, and shrimp and scallops. My husband loves lamb and said although it was good it didn’t taste like lamb. We asked where it came from thinking it might be mutton but we were assured it was from New Zealand. They have opened a new location on the water in Cupecoy. Pineapple Pete’s is always delicious. Must try the crab stuffed shrimp. Be warned though unless you have a stomach for really rich food stick to the appetizer portion and order something to go with it. Very decadent. We went to the market in Marigot and purchased Wahoo fresh from the boat, and loaded up on a bunch of spices we can’t find here to bring home. We did not buy or eat anything else in Marigot as the prices are outrageous. Last December they were taking the US dollar at par. Not any more. Many of the restaurants at the marina have closed due to economic times. We headed to Grand Case around noon only to find most of the restaurants closed. We did however have lunch on the beach at a lolo. I had the stuffed clam backs, Johnny cake and rice. My husband had the chicken with a heaping portion of the “best potato salad” he has ever had. Unfortunately it was so hot with no breeze it was hard to enjoy the food as much as we should have. We also ate the Peg Leg in Port de Plaissance (sp?) after hearing so much about it. That will be our first and last time. The steak was okay. But for the price never again. The steak came with one piece of broccoli and a couple slivers of carrot and a cold baked potato. We have heard so much about this place and were quite mystified by what all the talk is about. I think this was our worst meal while we were there and expensive to boot. We ate at Jimmy B’s in Maho twice as they had the Stanley Cup on. When I think of fried chicken I think of a small leg and a small thigh which is either too greasy or too dry as this is what we get back home unless you make it yourself. Well, I didn’t realize they meant two massive breasts and a leg. It was so juicy and not greasy at all. It came with two sides and I opted for the coleslaw and mac and cheese. It was fantastic. Now I have never ordered mac and cheese in my life in a restaurant. It is purely a southern thing. They don’t even offer it on menus here in Canada and if they do its on the kiddy menu. But it was really really good. We spent two days at Karakters in Beacon Hill at the beach. They provide the lounge chairs, bean bags chairs, umbrellas and a wooden little table for drinks at no cost. We had the salad with goats cheese and candied pecans one day and then had the coconut shrimp and bruschetta the second time we went. Fine service and fantastic food at reasonable prices. I feel the need to make an observation here. Although beaches are public places and anyone can use them you do not use someone else’s chairs, umbrellas etc. and then bring your own food and beverages. Now I can see a snack or something but not what we witnessed. A large family (10 adults, 6 kids) with a full case of beer, cooler full of pop and food. Also you do catch fish in the ocean for your child to use as a play toy tossing it around the beach. We were truly disgusted. Unfortunately, Karakters built a foundation where the old school bus sits without a permit. The government has given them 90 days to rectify it. I hope they do as this is one of our favourite spots.

We also visited the beach at Baie Rouge which is very nice and much quieter It has some great snorkelling. There are a couple of restaurants there too. Beware though if you have mobility problems some people may have difficulties getting down to the beach. We enjoyed a lovely lunch in Cupecoy at Ernest and Fidel's. They serve Columbian and Cuban fare. We also had lunch at the French bakery in Simpson’s Bay and that too did not disappoint. Did our usual trek to Philipsburg to do our shopping at ate at Chesterfields by the marina. It was excellent. The prices in Philipsburg are pretty low and you can haggle with the shopkeepers as they too are hurting for business and it is the start of hurricane season. We noticed that a lot of stores on Backstreet had closed up or were in process of closing. A big shout out to my friend Sam at Ray’s Jewellers. He has never steered me wrong and always has something special I fall in love with. Parking was not a problem anywhere on the Island. I guess this is because it is low season. We learned very quickly to avoid Simpsons Bay and Cole Bay if possible due to construction. We tended to take the lowlands to get anywhere we were going. Although I do see Cupecoy becoming a traffic problem with it being so built up now. We also experienced no problems whatsoever with the locals regarding safety, theft or otherwise. Actually we find the people of St Martin to be wonderful hosts.

Rated by Murray K. on 02/05/11
The Caravanserai is a beautiful and convenient place to spend two weeks in St. Maarten. Within walking distance to Sunset Beach Bar, great restaurants, grocery store, casino and shopping.

Let's start with the Caravanserai: This resort at this point is not perfect but will be by the end of of 2011 (maybe sooner). We own two time share units for the 3rd and 4th week of January. The staff is great, the units that are completed so far are wonderful and the grounds and pools are very nice. The casino on their grounds should be completed within the next two months. The best thing about this resort is it's so close to Sunset Beach Bar, shopping, grocery store, restaurants, airport, etc.

Restaurants: So many good ones but I will try and pick a few favorites.
1. Granduca - Located on the 2nd floor of the Sonesta Maho Shopping Mall. Upscale Italian but causal dress. This is my first year to experience this restaurant and it has jumped to the top of my list. Can't go wrong with anything on the menu. We took ten people to Granduca and it was a hit with everyone.

2. Ship Jacks - Located on Simpson Bay, great view and great food. Everything from seafood to steaks.

3. Uncle Harry's - Not really sure how to tell you how to get there. It was my first time and it's across from the airport runway
there is sign but it's easy to miss the turn in. Just a great local place with an interesting history. One of the best steaks I've every had.

Others I would recommend: Lee's Grill (fun place), Green House (in Philipsburg), Sunset Beach Bar (Good fun and great place to people watch)

Favorite Places to Hang Out:

1. Sunset Beach Bar: Great place to swim, people watch and see the planes come in.

2. Mullet Bay: Some big waves (sometimes) should see kids surfving if the waves are right.

3. Orient Beach: Lot's of activites here.

Just take a few days and go exploring, there is so much to see an do. This is my sixth year coming to St. Maarten and I always find new things to see and do each trip.

As long as I'm able to get on a plane you will find me sitting at Sunset Breach Bar every 3rd and 4th week of January.

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