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Mullet Bay Golf Course

Located at the now closed Mullet Bay Resort, this course is the only course on St. Maarten and is still open for play by locals and tourists. This 18-hole course was designed by Joseph Lee, by is reported to be in poor condition.


   Mullet Bay, St Maarten
   599 545 2850 x1850


Rated by Guy Melancon on 01/31/10
Very poorly maintained, but while there I play it anyway. I played it in 2008 and 2009. They charge 80 US dollars + 30 bucks for very poor golf clubs. So in 2010 I will bring my own clubs since I will play at least 3 grounds during my week there.

Rated by Bill on 12/15/09
Good track ... poorly maintained. However it's the only game on the island and the setting is wonderful ... much nicer than sub-zero temperatures in Michigan.

Rated by Gary Warner on 07/23/09
For those of us who "have" to play golf while in St Maarten, it"ll do, but it isn't worth the money they charge you. Temenos Golf course in Angulla is beautiful and expensive, and it recently closed. Go figure.

Rated by David on 05/03/09
I have played this "golf course" several times in the last 10 years while on vacation hoping that the owners would use some of the excessive greens fees to improve this course, but they haven't - simply watering and nurturing the greens would really help. This year the greens fee was raised to $80 for 18 holes, so I will no longer play this horribly maintained course - the owners should be embarrassed to so blatanly rip-off golfers.

Rated by Steve on 01/14/09
it is amazing that an island with 1 course can have so little demand for golf that they allow that couse to be in such bad shape. That course could be very nice if they decided to spend a nickel on it.

Rated by Kayeesha on 01/07/09
Even though it's not well maintained. The scenery is beautiful.

Rated by Harold Forester on 12/10/08
WASTE of money. I'd rather play in a public course in the snow with -70 windchill off Lake Michigan.
Any other questions?

Rated by Douglas Hancock on 11/10/08
The course is not maintained, so don't have high expectations. I wouldn't play it again, except for the amazing setting.

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