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The gallery displays Jonna White's etchings of tropical landscapes, exotic animals, women, mythology, island fantasies, and underwater scenes. The works are presented on paper handmade by the artist, who also creates cast paper sculptures, oil paintings, and watercolor paintings.

Shipping is free to the U.S. and Canada.


   30 Main Street
   340 774 1201
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Rated by Lisa Buchanan on 06/08/13
Had I read the views prior to our purchase, I, too would have not made the purchase. However, we saw an etching we loved, but knew enough not to pay up front. We voiced our concerns to Eddie and he politely acknowledged us and sent picture COD. It did take longer than expected, but I called and left a message voicing my concern and he returned the call the same day. We received our beautiful piece 2 weeks later. The framer,an artist herself felt it was worthy of a good framing process and some money later, it is outstanding. We would purchase from them again, just as we did and not pay upfront. The piece is exceptionally gorgeous

Rated by Jane Miller on 10/27/12
We made a purchase in Feb. 2012 while at
a cruise stop and have yet to receive our paintings. We have made calls and sent e-mails with no luck!!! Do NOT buy from this place!!!

Rated by Christina on 10/19/12
We've been waiting over 9 months for the framed painting we ordered. We email constantly with no reply - we call but no one ever picks up the phone. They promised the painting would arrive by February 14, 2012 - nothing.

The trip to the Virgin Islands was wonderful - and this was going to be a special memory of a special trip for our home. Instead they ripped us off and will not contact us.

It is terrible.

Rated by Gary B. on 07/26/12
We purchased one in early April 2012. After waiting 2 months google inevitably turned up this thread along with others. We contacted our credit card company and they immediately refunded us our money. We recommend you do the same. Good luck!

Rated by David Sorrells on 07/11/12
We purchased a print on 4/1/12 and have not recieved it yet. They did respond to an email and said it would ship in a few weeks but that was in May 2012. Now mid-July 2012. I recommend you do not patronize this gallery


Rated by Kia on 07/02/12
DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS GALLERY. In October 2011, I went on a Carnival cruise and I purchased a painting from the VI store. I told them to ship it straight to my house and on the original receipt (which I still have), it says allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. Let's just say, I just now got my order on 6-29-12!!! Between the time I waited, I made numerous attempts to contact the store by phone number and email address and guess what; no one contacted me back! Don't EVER purchase from this gallery but if you do, ask to take yours with you on the spot!!!!

Rated by Shella Cindy Stephens on 06/28/12
I have just seen all of these reviiews and realise I am out of luck.Today ai tried calling the Jonna White Gallery and got an answering machine.Also tried the toll-free # and it says you've reached a wrong number.I then went online and my suspicions confirmed. This is a shame as her artwork is beautiful and we have bought several pieces from this gallery.when we purchased 2 limited editions in January '09 Jonnna White's sister helped us and Eddie was there. Thereafter we talked to him when it took 3 months for our artwork to arrive.The latest purchase was on 11/28/11 and you guessed it: no artwork! Wish I had looked on this site before now.Is it really true this gallery is closed? As a last comment, Jonna White has to know what's going on and is a party to it as Eddie is her ,or at least was, her husband!

Rated by Robert Fries on 06/01/12
Report them to the BBB

Rated by Robert F on 06/01/12
Purchased on 8-30-2011, never received my painting. Called the A.H. Riise mall, the gallery no longer exists. This was definately a scam.

Rated by JBurke on 05/24/12
I found out today that the Jonna White gallery in St. Thomas was seized by Federal Marshalls. I bought a picture o 4/12/2012 and when it didn't arrive I called my cousin who lives on St. Thomas - he called me today and the raid was happening right then and there. This is not a joke either. Call your credit card company ASAP!

Rated by terri on 05/23/12
Rated by Terri
WARNING. We paid upfront for the sail boat pictures from "Eddie" and are now being told they can't deliver and for us to file the paperwork with our credit card to get the money funded. They "Jonna Galleries" wouldn't do it. We were in St Thomas in February and as of May have not prints. WARNING!!! Red flag. Walk out with your purchases.

Rated by Anne Lewis on 05/23/12
Purchased paintings April 1
2012. Not yet received. I am calling all cruise lines and sending all of these reviews to let them know that these people are scam artists. How dare them! How can they still be in business. Is there any BBB in St. Thomas?

Rated by Jmes Butler on 05/08/12
Purchased 3/12 nothing yet and no reply to phone of e mails. Same song. Second verse. Only diference is I'm going back in August. Will be sure to pay them a visit.

Rated by joy on 04/11/12
We also purchased several paintings from this gallery. We have emailed and called. No paintings. We have now disputed the charge with credit card company. I boughtt 2 painting in 05 they came rigth to us. I wonder if the artist has any idea how her gallery is being run?

Rated by J Milelli on 04/11/12
I wish I could give no stars to this Gallery. It's been two months and no paintings. My girlfriend and I were promised our paintings in four weeks and same as above, nothing but promises from Eddie. Don't buy from this gallery. Buy artwork from your own country and support your own artists. We are calling the credit card company today to cancel.

Rated by Robin in Texas on 04/01/12
I had the same experience with the paintings that we ordered 12/11/11. After numerous phone calls and emails, promises that the paintings were going to be mailed within 2 weeks...Never received the paintings. Our credit card company took over the communications and we still did not receive the art, so the credit card company reversed the charges. We are sad to hear that so many others have the same story, as the art work is very nice, different and we so looked forward to adding these pieces to our collection. I will definitely make a point to return to the studio on our next visit to St Thomas. And will not hesitate to warn others in the studio.......

Rated by thea jones on 03/09/12
I too bought artwork from Jonna White in St. Thomas
last Summer. After I had not received my artwork after 3 mos., I called the St. Thomas Consumer Affairs and received my artwork. Call Sgt. DeFrieze at (340) 774-3130 x 4266. He said that he would be glad to help others having trouble with this company. Another agency to complain to is the Secy of State, Off. of LT. Gov., Virgin Islands--340 774-2991. The BB Bureau rated Jonna White Gallery "F"!

Rated by jeff grim on 02/22/12
My wife and I were in St. Thomas in May 2011. At that time we bought three paintings from the gallery totaling $350, using two different credit cards...two separate transactions, two receipts, two names, two mailing addresses. To date neither we or the other party have received a single painting. We have called the, and they do not return our calls. We have e-mailed them with the same result. I simply don't know how to get the paintings we paid for. Our next recourse is to mail complaints to anyone there in authority, and to post as many negative reviews as possible. We are travellling down there on two months, and if necessary will post ourselves outside of the store and tell others of our experience.

Some of the reviews say the gallery is reputable. If they were, they would respond.

Rated by Charles on 02/21/12
Jonna White Gallery is a scam! Not holding my breath for delivery of my purchase.

Rated by mn on 02/07/12
Ok i have been duped like everyone else on this list. Took the painting 5 months to be delivered after we disputed with our credit card company. The only other issue with mine is the piece we ordered was a straight up photocopy of the one we chose!! Even the matte board around it had been printed. The glass frame was NOT glass but PLASTIC! My husband had no idea, but being an artist myself, i caught it right away!! Hope my review helps someone else, so they don't get suckered. I'm writing on yelp too!

Rated by Arlene Balcewicz on 02/02/12
I'm afraid I am another person who has not received a painting from Jonna White Gallery in St. Thomas. I bought it Nov. 26, 2011 and it is now Feb. 3, 2012. Eddie continually assures me over and over how reputable this gallery is, but seeing all of the negative reviews is not encouraging. How awful that this is the case. I was foolish and paid cash for a framed piece right off the floor. It shouldn't take eight weeks to package and ship. I am so discouraged and will be sending a letter to the Better Business Bureau of ST. Thomas.
Arlene B.

Rated by Stephanie on 01/12/12
Placed order 2 months ago and still waiting. My husband talked to him and was told 12 days and it should be there, not here yet. I talked to Eddie today and was also told 12 days, guess we will wait and see. Hoping it is not a scam as there are 3 more paintings we were going to order when our first arrived.

Rated by bob poirier on 01/08/12
This is just a scam do not buy from these crooks! St Thomas does nothing to protect its tourists....

Rated by E R Rojas on 01/04/12
Well I also have been waiting for my purchase dating back from Nov 2, 2011. I call each week and Eddie blames the framing company in Miami. with all these false sales, what's very sad is that the St Thomas Tourism Council does thing about this vendor! O, let's add some insult to injury, I live in Miami and I even offer to pick-up the Artwork. If anyone can Help me please do so!

Rated by Ed clark on 12/17/11
update: Received the painting and am happy with the purchase.

Rated by jessica moffett on 11/29/11
update: We received our purchase 2 weeks ago and are very pleased. Eddie has made contact with us on several occasions to ensure we recieved our purchase and to complete the transaction.

Rated by Keith Hopkins on 11/27/11
funny...samething happened to me in jan 07. art work took few months...bought #36 print and got #56 print. I would buy again but take it with me and not have it listening "fast eddie"?

Rated by Ed Clark on 11/04/11
Purchased a sailboat painting from the Jonna White Gallery on 8/2/2011 and told it needed to be framed then shipped insured within 4- 6 weeks. A person answered the phone each time I inquired about the painting, asked for my invoice number and assured me that the painting was on the way. Three months later we have received no painting and when I called last week the person answering the phone at the Jonna White Gallery told me the gallery is nothing more than scam operation and no painting are shipped. The gallery is nothing more than a boiler room operation and should be closed immediately before they destroy the entire St Thomas tourism retail trade. What surprises be most are the signs outside with the major credit card logos displayed.

Rated by Mihaela White on 10/06/11
After disputing the charge through our bank, we finally received our merchandise. It was shipped Sept 28th from Miami, FL and arrived Oct 5th. Packaged well and all 3 items arrived in good condition.
Although we did eventually receive our art pieces, the whole process of having to haggle back and forth over our purchase for 4 months was anything but pleasant.
I still think they have some serious issues they need to figure out and would not purchase from them again.

Mihaela White

Rated by James Shrode on 10/04/11
After posting my review, and also going to the Jonna White website directly and sending an email, I have received my paintings. 7 months late, but at least I have received them. I would suggest going directly to the website and attempting an email there.

Rated by jesscopp on 10/02/11
update, spoken with eddie several times, still no merchandise..I also advised him of the numerous less than favorable reviews plastered on the web.. This company is 100% deceitful and we are disgusted. We will likely NEVER return to St.Thomas and will spend our vacations at every other island in the caribbean instead. We looked forward to our purchase as a memento from our wedding. It has been months in our case but IF we ever do receive our purchase i will glady update... Highly doubtful however.

Rated by Kevin Sweeney on 09/26/11
I visited Jonna White gallery on 6/23/11 bought a painting and was "assured "by Eddie I would receive painting in 4-wkls or so. I can,t tell you how many times I've spoken to Eddie. I'm now past the 60 days that the credit card co. would do someting about it. Don't be fooled by Eddie's assurances that everything's OK

Rated by Mary Jo on 09/26/11
Never received our pictured paid for in June 2011. Kept calling and calling. Said he would call back First said on back order. As of today 9-26-11 no picture. Scam - rip off. Theives.

Rated by Jessica on 09/26/11
Wow!! I wished we would have seen these reviews prior to our trip to the island, My husband and I also purchased 2 prints from this gallery, Eddie was also our salesman at the time. We were informed our purchase would arrive in 3-4 weeks and still no artwork at this time. I am appalled at these reviews and can not believe this business continues to prey on visitors!! I have sent an inquiry to the artist but now believe we will also seek action against the company to recup our losses! UNBELIEVABLE!!

Rated by James Shrode on 09/23/11
Well, I see I have the same problem. Purchased 2 paintings in March, and was told we could expect shipment in 6-8 weeks. It is now September 23 and I have not received a thing. In my opinion, thieves is the correct word.

Rated by MICHAEL ROBERTSON on 09/20/11
Thieves. Paid for a painting and they told us they would ship it. Months later nothing but BS excuses from Eddie (the salesman when we were in the studio). DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE - THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY AND GIVE YOU NOTHING.

Rated by Kevin Campbell on 09/13/11
I believe the studio is commiting fraud. We purchased a numbered print while visiting. It has now been 4 months and the story is the same as everyone elses. Excuse after excuse from Eddie and no art. I will be filing a compliant with the FTC and also filing a chargeback. We really loved the piece and are very sorry it came to this. He has one week to get me the painting before I pursue legal action for art fraud. We paid for #5 Calypso Large and a small mermaid print. Kevin Campbell

Rated by cliff shock on 09/07/11
Seems as if there is a trend here, I also bought art in early June and now 90 later no art work. Eddie answers his phone and it appears he is at the mercy of someone in the states....if I don't receive my goods soon will start legal action...this is unacceptable for a name artist/gallery....certainly looks like a scam or they have cash flow problems

Rated by Mihaela White on 09/02/11
Disappointing, to say the least.
We purchased 3 beautiful pieces of artwork on June 2nd 2011, got charged for them in full at the time of purchase and chose to have them delivered since we didn't want to risk damaging them on the plane ride home. Eddie said they would be delivered within 4 - 6 weeks.
Well, it is now 13 weeks later and still no paintings. We did manage to get in touch with Eddie a couple of times and he, of course, apologized for the delay and "promised" that the artwork would arrive "soon" ... Last time we spoke, the artwork still hadn't been shipped and he said it shouldn't be more than 2 weeks now. Well, that was a month ago.
I would understand if they were running a little behind schedule, but why would it possibly take 13 weeks to ship something that was already in the gallery? Everything we purchased was off of the gallery floor, "as is".
We were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt but, unfortunately, it is becoming pretty obvious that it's just not going to happen. Too bad, as we really loved what we had picked and were looking forward to having it in our home.
We are now in the process of disputing the charge with our card company, we'll see how that goes.

Mihaela White

Rated by Sandy Hill on 08/09/11
We ordered and paid for a piece of art 5/30/11 and my daughter ordered some also. Today is 9 weeks and still no art. Have called Eddie several times and have emailed as well. Finally emailed again today asking for a tracking number; otherwise, I told him I would like to speak to Jonna White. What gives?

Rated by Bobby Glass on 07/11/11
Update on previous review. We received an email response from Carribean Edge attesting to Jonna White Gallery's good reputation and we received our painting shortly after posting my negative review. Eddie also called with apologies for being late. The painting arrived in good form and is everything we expected. Beautiful ending to a bad start. Sorry for the bad review, but we were worried. Thanks for helping us. Bobby Glass

Rated by Bobby Glass on 06/09/11
We purchased a sailboat painting on 4/10/2011 and were promised delivery within 6 weeks. We did not receive any confirmation or picture. Sent email on this site, no response. Sent email directly, but it is undeliverable. They do not answer their telephone. I am concerned they are operating a scam.
Bobby Glass

Rated by Kevin on 08/23/10
My experience with Jonna White's gallery has been phenomenal. I recieved my painting on time, and it is as beautiful as the day I saw it in the gallery. Overall I couldn't be happier. I definitely recommend this gallery for anyone looking for amazing artwork at very reasonable prices. Thanks for everything Eddie!

Rated by Kevin on 08/03/10
That is strange. Every time I call the number on the business card I received at the gallery, Eddie, the person I purchased my paintings from answers within two rings, and always returns my calls. Although I have not yet recieved my painting, it is still within the predicted time range of 4-6 weeks from date of purchase. I will update this when I recieve my painting, or, in the event I never do, will admit you are correct. But, for now, I thnk you might just have an incorrect number.

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