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Effy Jewelers

The award-winning collection of diamond, tanzanite, semi-precious and other fine jewelry is exclusively designed by Effy Hematian.


   13A Main Street
   340 776 3339
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Rated by Toni on 03/16/17
I have numerous pieces from Effy. I have not had any issues with diamonds falling out. Pieces are beautiful, staff at each store I have ever visited are friendly. Customer service here in the states is slow, but they are shortening a couple bracelets that I bought from them for free, and using extra stones to make pendant and earrings. I haven't made it to the St Thomas location yet. I will soon though.

Rated by Angela Newell on 11/12/15
NEVER SHOP AT EFFY> I shopped at Effy in St. Marteen Nov.2 2015. I found a very nice diamond ring but it was the first store I was in so I did not want to purchase. The salesmen, yes men, at least 2 tried to sell me, came down to a reasonable price and promised I could return it, even though it was being sized, even if I found a better price and even if I changed my mind. So I figured I had nothing to lose. I did indeed find something I liked better elsewhere and it was a better price so I tried to return it. They refused.They claimed they said I could return it if I found the exact same ring at a better price and they never allow returns on something sized and they claimed they would never say I could return it if I found something I liked better elsewhere. My two girlfriends heard them tell me the exact opposite. They also do not consider a return a refund, as we do in America. They lied to our faces and I had no choice but to keep the ring. I wore the ring the next day and a diamond fell out of it, I took it back the following day and again they refused to refund my money, without charging me a 20% restocking fee! which would have been 100's of $$. I contacted my cc company and was told to walk out without it and that is the happy ending. My cc company did right by me. DO NOT SHOP AT EFFY, EVER

Rated by abc on 08/06/14
Great shopping experience, but the earrings I purchase fell apart before I wore them. And, they do NOT accept returns -- even when product is defective. Will allow you to ship back product to be "fixed." Will never shop here again.

Rated by Elaine keen on 09/21/13
I was so happy to find the ring I wanted in your store but a stone fell out so I can't wear it anymore .very disappointed brought it to jewelers in nj an they won't touch it

Rated by Patricia Lawson on 05/26/13
Shopped at Effy in Aruba. Very knoledgeable and pleasant staff. Got a great deal. Thrilled with my purchase. Can't wait until my next Caribbean cruise to check out their stores on other islands.

Rated by Linda on 02/24/13
Went to Effy in St Thomas. Salesman very knowledgeable. They are great!! Got a nice discount as compared to other stores. Would love to go back.

Rated by on 04/14/12
We went to Effy Jewelers on our cruise this year. we was so impressed with the service we recieved it is the only jewellers we will shop at now. My hubby was looking to purchase me my very much wanted marquis cut diamond ring that I have wanted forever. the sales rep and manager were fabulous. I was being very picky in what clarity and color stone I wanted and they went out of thier way to make me happy. Anyhow I got my ring which is stunning and just has it appraised at more than twice what we paid for I will always shop at Effy in St Thomas they are fabulous. I am over the moon with the 1.13 carat solitiare marquis set in a beautiful channel setting with another 1 carats around it. I cannot wait to go back next year. cheers to the staff at Effy St Thomas you are the best....

Rated by Barbie on 11/13/11
I love my rainbow topaz ring - bought it in St. Thomas 11/5/11. Very knowledgeable salesperson!!

Rated by Roger Evans on 11/03/11
Loved Effy in San Juan Last year, they had the best prices of all the stores, plan to shop there again this cruise as well.

Rated by Judy Myers on 07/17/11
This happened to me 2 years ago in Nassau. When I didn't receive my appraisal in the mail, I called the company and they sent it right out. I shop everywhere, but only by at EFFY. Favorite is St. Marten

Rated by mary anne bonner on 05/09/11
Right now I am not happy. I left the store with no receipt because"the printer didn't work with a promise that they would send by email and mail a receipt and jewelry description. Not here yet.

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