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Klassique carries exclusive collections of jewelery in white and colored diamonds, Colombian emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite, alexandrite, Alaskan gold nuggets and gold quartz. They also carry a wide variety of semi-precious loose gems and jewelery.

Klassique prides itself on more than just exquisite jewelry. It is one of the largest "family-oriented" stores, with personal claim to friendly and professional service.


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Rated by Lelia Sojka on 03/10/17
diamonds are bright white
please send certificate,as promised
love the ring

Rated by Cassie J on 09/15/16
On a recent cruise, I purchased what I thought was a Tanzanite pendant in their Ketchikan, Alaska store. When I took the pendant to my jeweler back home, I was told that my "Tanzanite" was actually a cubic zirconia. Beware when purchasing jewelry in this store! If you think you are getting a real Tanzanite - make sure you ask if it's real or a cubic zirconia!!

Rated by SHELLEY SHERWOOD on 04/14/16
I bought a $2100 diamond ring on March 9, 2016 from Dragan. We were on a Holland America cruise. Unfortunately, I did not heed our cruise line's recommendations on who to shop with. He told my husband and me that this diamond was
H in color, and SI in clarity. It took 3 weeks to get my appraisal, after calling and asking for it. It was a very vague appraisal, not even mentioning the center stone at all. Also, he was very off on total weight of the ring. I called after I got home to tell him I was very disappointed in the diamond, after I took this ring to my longtime jeweler, who verbally appraised it as I1 in clarity, and K in color. Quite a ways off from how it was represented to us! He asked me to get an appraisal from an independent gemologist, which I did to the tune of $60. She confirmed what my jeweler had appraised this center stone as. I then sent the appraisal to Dragan, who called me this afternoon about it. I played a game of dodgem with him, going round and round about the color and clarity. He kept insisting that I got what I paid for! He said this ring was graded with the naked eye!! How ludicrous!! What jeweler does this? at least, what reputable jeweler would do this?? Just beware of this store! DO NOT BUY DIAMONDS IN THE CARIBBEAN!! I am so unhappy with this ring. I am going to have to replace the center stone. And I was not reimbursed for my appraisal cost either. STAY AWAY FROM KLASSIQUE JEWELERS!!!

Rated by Barbara M. Chastain on 03/10/16
i bought a lovely dia. bracelet .in March 2012 and they were lovely to work with and now am trying to replace it since it was stolen. Actuallly my daughter also bought one a little smaller at the same time and has enjoyed hers.

Rated by Patricia A Colaizzi on 07/18/15
I just had my "tanzanite" ring appraised, and I was told by TWO jewelers that they were fake, man made.I paid $1,200 for this ring. The true value is less than $200. I would like an explanation, and a REAL replacement. I have the receipt. If no action is taken, I'll do my best to make sure that I get the word out that you are a bunch of crooks.I want a refund on this junk, and can send you a copy of the receipt.I SEE BY THE OTHER REVIEWS THAT YOU ARE SCOUNDRELS. I WANT SOME TYPE OF RESPONSE IMMEDIATELY. I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO SEE THAT THE TRUE WORD GETS OUT ABOUT YOUR "COMPANY'

Rated by Mary Danks on 03/30/15
When I bought my Diamond ring I had very good service, I cannot fing the receipt, although I have emailed 3 times for a copy of this receipt, I have given all details, date, time bought even the authorisation code so that it can be found easily,
I have not heard anything, so the aftersales service is abviously not very good, Klassique Jewelers please froove me wrong and i will amend my review,

Rated by Shar Schroyer on 03/12/15
I purchased a .93/blue diamond. I have not heard from "Mike". My phone msg has gone cold. The email didn't work. Still waiting for my appraisal via mail or email.

Rated by D.J. Buja on 12/16/14
A few years ago, while visiting St. Thomas on a Holland America cruise, I entered a very welcoming jewelry store - Klassique Jewelers. On impulse I tried on two beautiful rings and before I headed back to the ship I had bought them both, at an unbelievable bargain. One ring, white gold with diamonds and onyx, became my favourite and I wore it so often that the onyx became cracked and damaged. I contacted the store and they cheerfully told me to mail it to them and they would fix it at no charge. And they were as good as their word. It was fixed promptly, packaged carefully and mailed back within a few weeks. I would recommend this shop to anyone visiting St. Thomas!

Rated by Jack greenhalgh on 08/29/12
The ruby we bought this spring was not Burmese as promised but an inferior stone that had been injected with color. It the fell out and had to be reset. Not to be trusted.
Jack G

Rated by bill q on 07/07/12
STAY AWAY, a buch of crooks. Bought a pair of sapphire earrings that were represented as NATURAL. When Igot home and had them appraised and tested they were proven to be man-made. Fortunatley I inssted they write natural on the receipt so I am getting a refund. Too bad. I cruise a lot and always buy a couple of nice pieces and alway the buys have turned out fine. It is a shame store like this cast doubt on the entire industry. They have stores all over the caribbean too so stay away! from al of them

Rated by L.Creech on 12/07/11
Awesome discribes the service and pricing and quality that we recieved shopping here.We will always look for their shop.

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