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Whether your dream is a beach wedding or a romantic boat wedding - planning it will be fun and easy with the help of Virgin Islands Perfect Wedding Day.


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Rated by Kim Sumner on 05/09/16
Deb... I let you know on February 5, 2016 that my Dad was super sick and the Dr didn't give him but a month to live. So I emailed you to let you know that the wedding that we had booked with you in May was going to need to be canceled. You were very nice and I wasn't expected to get anything back except for the $200 that is stated in your contract. You contacted me back saying "Hello Kimberly, So sorry to hear of your Dad. We will take you off of the calendar but feel free to call at any time if you should change your mind." I emailed you asked you how I could get back the $200 out of the $400 deposit that I gave you like the contract stated that I entitled to. You replied on February 22, 2016 "Hello Kim, We had paid the government the location fee for the use of Beach. $100.00. Just waiting to hear if they will give a refund for it. I am not holding my breath they still have not paid 2013 refund taxes yet. Will let you know as soon as I hear back either way." I have emailed you three times and called and left a message but I have STILL not heard anything back from you. My only result is to put up how you do not honor your contracts on every review site that I can find. It is sad because I know that you have lots of good reviews as well but I feel so hurt that because I had to cancel my wedding because my father was about to die that you will not honor your contract and refund me $200. No matter what, I am glad that I canceled with you because my Dad did end up passing away a month later and it is horrible that I had to try to hunt you down during this time that I was grieving over my father and I STILL have not gotten ahold of you.....

Rated by Sharon Tulgren on 04/02/10
My daughter was married on St. Thomas by Deb McDonald it was a wonderful wedding and went off with out any problems. This was something we were surprise and please with Deb took care of everything and then some. We had a large family of 36 members and guest to the wedding and reception , now my younger daughter is thinking of getting married and wanted to have the same type of tropical wedding. If she does it will be with Deb as the planner.

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