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There's no better way to discover tropical paradise than by sailing the Caribbean Sea aboard a Caribbean cruise. Besides the golden beaches, sundrenched destinations, and historical architecture, the Caribbean is known for friendly welcoming people, exotic dining, and world class amenities. Explore this slice of paradise on an unforgettable Caribbean cruise vacation!

The Caribbean is made up of a crescent shaped group of islands that span more than 2,000 miles; the region comprises more than 7,000 islands, islets, reefs, and cays! A Caribbean cruise can take you to the best of these islands, whether it's Aruba, St. Barts, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Dominica, Bahamas, St. Martin/Saint Maarten, St. Croix, Antigua, Curacao, Jamaica, Mexico, or the British Virgin Islands, just to name a few!

A Caribbean cruise can offer the best of adventure and relaxation. You can climb volcano ripped mountains, or explore the labyrinthine underground caves with waterfalls and rock paintings. Plus, if you're an avid golfer you can swing your driver while enjoying some of the most scenic courses in the world. Your Caribbean cruise can also offer adventure in a more peaceful setting, such as horseback riding on St. Bart's pristine beaches or swimming with dolphins in Mexico!

If you're ever looking for a thrill, then a Caribbean cruise is exactly what you need. Go parasailing or dive in search of hidden treasures, get up close and personal with stingrays, or simply catch a wave at one of their sun-laced beaches! For those looking for a shopping thrill, a Caribbean cruise can offer some of the most popular shopping ports, such as jewelry shopping in St. Maarten. The Caribbean offers shoppers everything from couture to casual browsing, as well as local crafts, honey, rum and spice baskets, and some of it is duty free!

Your Caribbean cruise vacation can offer you experiences of a lifetime, such as reliving the swashbuckling days of pirates through tours of Fort Charlotte in the Bahamas, or exploring the architectural charm of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. Of course there's nothing like a secluded beach and the perfect concoction of a gentle ocean breeze, tranquil azure waters, and warm sand at your feet! With so much to do on a Caribbean cruise, one visit's not enough; you'll want to come back to the complete bliss of this paradise again and again!

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