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Tortola Marriage Requirements

Planning on getting married in the B.V.I. Well here are a few things you need to know.

If you and your spouse have never been married before the only paper work you need is your passport, but if either one of you were previously married, an original copy of your divorce decree (s) (or spouse's death certificate) is necessary. If these are not in English a certified translation is also required.

You also need to have been in the B.V.I for at least three (3) business days which means that if you filed your paper work on Tuesday the earliest you could be married is Friday.

Up next is your marriage tax ( This may sound strange but is absolutely necessary.) You obtain this tax by buying a hundred and ten dollars ($110.00) in stamps. Luckily there is a $100 stamp and a $10 stamp for this occasion.

Now you will need to put the stamps with your passports and necessary paperwork that you already have to be taken to the Attorney General to be sent for the Governors approval. Your documents are returned to you on your wedding day with the exception of the stamps which they keep.

In addition to these things you will also need to have two witnesses to sign at the time you are filling out the proper paper work in the Attorney generals chambers. Paper work usually last about 10 minuets. At this time you should have already chosen the location for your wedding.

Last but not least you will fill out a form to conform the date and location of your wedding ceremony with the Registrar and name two witnesses of record for your marriage license. The witnesses may act as your attendants at your wedding to sign the legal documentation. The Registrar of marriages will perform all civil ceremonies. The Registrar fee is $35 for marriages performed in the office and $100 (plus expenses) for marriages performed outside the office. If you reside in the U.S, Canada or Britain your marriage license if enough proof of your marriage but if you are from another country, or in some legal situations an "Apostle" license may be required. In that case you will have to have to request this while filling our your paper work in the Registrars office and is normally subjected to a $45 fee.

On your wedding day the Registrar will meet you at your location, perform the ceremony and Return all documents to you on that day.

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